Afto Smart Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner Multi Floor Mop Sweep Lds Lidar

S$440.00 S$374.00


  • LDS Laser Navigation System. This technology produces an accurate floor mapping so that floor cleaning can be efficient, there are no more areas that are not cleaned (skipped) or areas that have been cleaned but are still cleaned repeatedly.
  • Multi-floor Mapping. Save a maximum map for 5 different floors, so that the AFTO robot vacuum can move to a different location / room or floor.
  • Object Detection Technology (Obstacle Detection Technology). Equipped with an anti-collision sensor that allows the vacuum to detect objects around it and will avoid collisions, so that your home furniture will be maintained.
  • Electronic Water Tank. Set the amount of water flow out for different types of floors. For safety, the water will not automatically be released when robot vacuum stops or at the docking station
  • Stair safety technology. With sensors at the bottom, the AFTO robot vacuum can detect the presence of stairs and will not fall down the stairs.
  • Target point cleaning. Can be set to perform cleaning in the set area only
  • No Go Zone. You can set a virtual wall so that the robot vacuum will avoid the area as if there is a wall.
  • Break Point Return. When the battery is low, the AFTO robot vacuum will automatically return to the docking station for charging, after the battery is full, the AFTO robot vacuum will continue cleaning to the last unfinished area.
  • Voice activated. Can be connected to Google Home or Alexa so that through voice commands you can command the AFTO robot vacuum to start or stop.


Size : 35x35x10.5 cm

Weight : 3.4 Kg

Technology : LDS Laser Navigation System

Filters: HEPA filters

Side Brush : Dual

Input Voltage & Frequency : 100-240V 50/60 Hz

Battery Capacity : 14.8V 2600mAH

Charging Time : 4-5 hours

Working Time : 90-120min

Dust Bin Capacity : 300 ml

Water Tank : 300 ml

Noise: less than 68dB